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TECO-Westinghouse synchronous motors and generators are tested to ensure compliance with specific performance requirements. Standard commercial tests per NEMA MG1 Part 21 include a check of winding resistances, mechanical vibration, insulation resistance, reading of field current, (stator and exciter), through visual and mechanical checks ... for a 20 MW SAG mill considering a power supply price ... complete the supply. Variable speed for process optimization The speed of the GMD can be adapted to the operational ... motor (equally distributed around the circumference of the motor – in all 4 stator segments)

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Motor Thermal Model Protection Applications 41 1. Abstract This paper discusses the fundamentals of a motor thermal model and its mathematical interpretation and physics for the different stages of motor operation. (overload, locked rotor, too frequent or prolonged acceleration, duty cycling applications). 4,000hp Motor, GE, DC Motor, 50/120 rpm, 700v, Serial # 7376936, Type MCF, Excitation Amps 158.8, 36,000 CFM cooling required, Amps Armature 4700, Excitation Volts 550, Shunt Wound Split Stator, Instruction Book GEH-709. the two Motors were used as steel rolling mill motors. SOLD : 2: DC: M140

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SAG Mill Rewedge Work in record time Climax Molybdenum USA Terry Reader, Electr. ... motor stator wedges ... Performed re-wedging on ~25% of the motor rather than a complete re-wedge - Eliminated risks associated with the wedging process –i.e. insulation damage, bars lifting, more ... reliable drive system for SAG mills. Early SAG mills had a diameter of about 32', later increasing to 34, 36, 38 and 40'. At the same time the mill volume also increased. Typically a SAG mill has a much larger diameter compared to its length. Yet the SAG mill of Newmont's Yanacocha mine in Peru is a single

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Among the many Westinghouse "firsts" in the history of DC motors was the nation's first reversing rolling mill motor (pictured above), which was installed in 1905. Perpetuating a proud tradition, TECO-Westinghouse has continued through the years to refine our DC motor product lines with quality enhancing features that secure our position ... Motor Thermal Model Protection Applications 41 1. Abstract This paper discusses the fundamentals of a motor thermal model and its mathematical interpretation and physics for the different stages of motor operation. (overload, locked rotor, too frequent or prolonged acceleration, duty cycling applications).

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The four motors are gearless mill drives (GMDs), also known as wrap-around motors, and include two 26MW ball mill motors and two 28MW SAG mill motors. Among the challenges on this project were the remote location of the mine, which is located approximately 400km north-east of Kitwe, and working during a heavy rainy season while also trying to ... Induction Motors Performance Study under Various Voltage Sags Using Simulation 35 voltage sag) of voltage amplitude, are considered. Fig.3 shows a stator line current after the occurrence of

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Unlike more traditional ring-geared mill drives – where a ring-shaped gear encircles the mill and drives it through one or two pinions followed by conventional motors – GMDs work by mounting rotor poles directly to the mill body and surrounding it with the stator ring, meaning the mill itself is incorporated into the motor. Jan 19, 2016· The mills at Sentinel in Zambia are amongst the world's biggest, with 2 off 40 ft SAG mills complete with 28 MW drives, and 2 off 28 foot-ball mills with 22 MW drives. For mines of this size ...

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(1) Induction motor. If the induction motor is viewed as a type of transformer, it becomes easy to understand. Typically, they consist of (1) a stator with laminations and turns of copper wire and (2) a rotor, constructed of steel laminations with large slots on the periphery, stacked together to form a "squirrel cage" rotor. The massive electric motors, with diameters of 12.2 and 8.5 m respectively and with each stator quadrant weighing some 100 t, are the largest M&C has helped install to date and probably the largest in Africa. M&C's scope of work comprised the installation of stator quadrant windings on the four mill motors, which were manufactured by Siemens.

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Oct 12, 2017· Today we will learn about difference between sag mill vs ball mill. A mill is a machine by which solid or hard materials are broken into smaller pieces by means of grinding, crushing or cutting. This commutation is an essential part of many processes. Various kinds of mills are there with which different material processing takes place. Sep 10, 2014· The Collahuasi motor was for a 40 ft SAG mill. The Antamina 38 ft SAG mill was also driven by an ABB motor and the hanger plates had not failed on that machine after several years of operation. Similarly, the Sossego motor for the 38 ft SAG mill had not failed. It too had an ABB motor and it had operated longer than the Collahuasi motor.

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Design and dynamic behavior of large Ring Motors for grinding mills 3 1 Introduction The mining industry uses grinding mills to comminute tonnage. Large grinding mills are driven by Gearless Drives, with the Ring Motor as its main component. The Ring Motor is wrapped around the mill and its rotor poles installed at an extension of the mill head. An AC motor has two basic electrical parts: a "stator" and a "rotor" as shown in Figure 8. The stator is in the stationary electrical component. It consists of a group of individual electro-magnets arranged in such a way that they form a hollow cylinder, with one pole of …

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On 28 January 2015 the Svedala mill, part of BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam surface processing operations in South Australia, suffered an electrical failure and was safely placed in the maintenance position. A complete diagnostic review was undertaken and revealed damage to the motor stator coil. An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC electric motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. An induction motor can therefore be made without electrical connections to the rotor. An induction motor's rotor can be either wound type or squirrel-cage type.

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Our GMD eliminates all mechanical components of a conventional mill drive system, such as ring-gear, pinion, gearbox, coupling, motor shaft and motor bearings: By mounting the rotor poles directly onto the mill, the mill itself becomes the rotor of the gearless motor. The motor is fed by a fuse-less cycloconverter that is connected to the MV ... Induction Motor Testing and Evaluation Summary As energy costs rise, more emphasis is being placed ... and temperature monitoring provides a complete diagnostic perspective of motor health and condition, power consumption, and overall efficiency. ... In motors, the first magnet is the stator, the second is the rotor. As the names suggest, the ...

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Apr 18, 2014· SAG mill, 18' diameter x 10-1/2' long, manufactured by Fuller, rubber-lined, driven by 1500 HP, 4160 volt, 1192 RPM, continuous motor, 5010 frame, thru … TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company Wound Rotor Induction Motors combine outstanding performance with an advanced long-life design. Available in ratings from 5 HP up to 15,000 HP, these rugged workhorses are ideal for many demanding applications including: Ball and Sag Mills Cranes Hoists Pumps Fans and Blowers Chippers Conveyors

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ABB's scope of supply consists of three complete GMD systems including transformers, ring motors and E-house. One 26 megawatt GMD system will be installed for a 40-foot diameter SAG mill, while two 20.5 megawatt GMD systems will be installed to drive two 27-foot diameter ball mills. For almost a decade now, very good operating experiences have been gained with a total of 28 gearless ring motor drives in the cement industry, driving tube mills with diameters of 2.5 to 4 meters with drive powers ranging from 3000 to about 5000kW. Why then did the mineral ore processing industry hesitate till 1980 to adopt this successful concept for their undisputably similar application on ...


surface of the mill flange. Typically, the synchronous motors used in SAG mills have a power higher than 10 MW. Even ball mills have a power larger than 10 MW. For this reason, they have an important impact in energy consumption and in the operation of the power distribution system. Figure 1. Picture of a typical GMD system for a SAG mill Hence, the development of modeling tools of SAG mill drive systems that help to analyze and prevent costly longtime outages, are of great benefit. Paper presents the development of phase and qd space vector models of the 2-stator winding synchronous motor used in SAG mill drives.

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Banshee 72mm 521 cc 10 Mil Big Bore Super Cub Wiseco Big Bore Stroker Kit Head. $3,149.99. $3,299.99. Free shipping Our Sag mill motor is rated 1500HP with 4000V, 212A and 0.8 lead power factor, insulation class F and permissible temperature rise 80K. Our motor is actually used at 112% of nominal charge (1320kW, 0.943 lead P.F., 190A, 4220V).

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May 03, 2020· The electric shop in my alma mater had a very complete motor shop. They could rewind anything from slot car motors to 10,000 HP propulsion motors. Their motor stator and armature cleaning operation was very simple: they used a steam cleaner with non-ionic detergent followed by a bake-out, then a dip and another bake. The SAG mill drive is normally designed and optimized for the individual project. The requirement of the special process defines the size of the drive, the reques ted power and the operating speed range. The electric motor creates tension forces in the air gap that tries to pull the stator towards the rotor. Therefore the stiffness of the in-

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Oct 02, 2014· The Stator Behaviour. The Cadia SAG mill diameter is 40 ft and the ring motor that drives the mill is rated at 20 MW. In 1998 when the mill and motor were commissioned both were the largest machines of their type in the world. The stator exhibited vibration excursions that appeared to be related to the mill speed. SAG Mill Motor Programmed Rewind During a visual inspection & condition assessment on the SAG Mill it was identified there was an insulation anomaly in the rotor which exposed the business to the risk of unexpected failure.

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The online monitoring of a large Ball or a SAG Mill provides vital information on the health of the machine. More than just protection, VibroSystM provides ZOOM users with autonomous data analysis and first level diagnostics that are both predictive and preventative, which will significantly reduce machine downtime. On 1 August 2018, Kinross announced that construction was complete and that first ore had gone through the semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mill. Since then, the mill throughput increased from 8000 tpd to 12 000 tpd, representing a 50% increase. The mine estimates average annual production of gold to be 409 000 oz/yr through 2027.


single-stage SAG mills to the largest mill in the world – with a 40-foot diameter and 28 MW of motor power. Ball mills Ball milling is the most common application for horizontal tumbling mills. Outotec offers a full range of ball mills to suit a wide variety of duties, from a few hundred kW all the way up to 20 MW and beyond. Rod mills Mar 03, 2016· ROCKY 3D DEM simulations of grinding media flow can be used to investigate the relative performance of comminution devices.

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Starting as small as 13 feet (4 m) in diameter on 330 HP and as large as 24' (14.5 m) in diameter on 3,300 HP, the 911MPE Semi & Fully Autogenous Mills tumble crushed ore without iron or steel grinding media. They are used when the crushed ore pieces are hard enough to perform all the grinding. SAG mills tumble mainly ore but they use up to 15% volume of steel balls to assist grinding. Semi ... J Stones, in Electrical Engineer's Reference Book (Sixteenth Edition), 2003. 43.2 Definition of power quality terms 43.2.1 Voltage dip. By definition a voltage dip is a reduction in the rms voltage in the range of 0.1 to 0.9 p.u. (retained) for duration greater than half a mains cycle and less than 1 minute.